Constraints and Limitations to Consider

Interactive features aren’t just for museums and themed attractions anymore.

Organizations where people of different ages and abilities come together in the spirit of learning and growth have started to think more like museums when designing their spaces.

That makes sense. We now know learning is social-emotional, embodied, and non-linear. People learn with their hands, their eyes, their whole bodies. They learn best with other people—not when they’re cramming and pushing beyond limits.

Research shows that exponential leaps occur in the liminal spaces between cognitive heavy-lifting.

When you step away from designated work areas and scheduled study times to engage in a mindless, repetitive, sensory activity—like going for a walk or doodling—you integrate learning and create breakthroughs. The mind shifts into a higher gear. Curiosity, wonder, discovery, creativity, insights. It’s generative.

When people get back to work, they bring a renewed sense of clarity. No one taught them how to have an epiphany. They followed the flow of the experience you designed, and the epiphany just happened.

But no solution is perfect for everyone, in every environment.

As you evaluate the Everbright for your space, it’s important to be aware of some potential problems, limitations, and design constraints. It’s durable and quite rugged—even in situations that make us cringe—but it’s not ideal for everyone. This section is designed to give you a heads up on some problems that can come up after the Everbright is installed so you don’t make any mistakes.

In this section, we’ll take a deep dive into the two types of problems with the Everbright (and their solutions):

1. Technical problems. We rarely get support calls. The Everbright’s modular design means people can still use it as a creative canvas even when there is a rare technical problem. If you ever do need to reach out for support, it’s probably because you’re experiencing one of these (preventable or resolvable) issues. Read: Technical Difficulties: 5 Issues That Could Affect an Everbright (& Their Solutions)

2. Potential limitations and constraints to be aware of. Designers and owners should be aware of the Everbright’s constraints and limitations. These aren’t a dealbreaker for most people, but the sooner you know about any constraints, the smoother your workarounds can be. Or, you can decide to go in a different direction. That would be okay, too. Read: This Is Not a Screen, & 8 Other Limitations of the Everbright to Consider

The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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