For Healthcare

Interactive art for a moment of calm.

Introducing the hospital people forget is a hospital. The clinic where people forget they’re patients. The waiting room where they forget they’re waiting. The discovery museum children forget is really the dentist’s.

This is what they’ve been waiting for. A calming, multisensory experience of hope in the moments between appointments and procedures. This is the gift of downtime a healthcare space can offer.

When people who are having a moment need a moment–to self-regulate, to connect with each other, to celebrate good news, they find it in the Everbright.

Some things healthcare organizations (and donors) love about the Everbright:

So inclusive anyone can turn them. The Everbright’s hexagonally-spaced dials have a textured feel on their edges, and are designed to turn easily by people of all ages and all abilities. Designed by a neuroscientist, the Everbright is accessible to people with various physical limitations.

Calming for special needs and autism. Multisensory creativity offers a pathway to a different kind of healing. It is accessible and inclusive to all—pediatrics, behavioral health, memory care, traumatic brain injury, sensory integration, autism. People love having the ability to slowly control the interaction, to engage in sensory discovery without overstimulation. 

Installation options for any space. Ideal in children’s hospitals, waiting rooms, autism clinics, lobbies, and any long hallway. Ask about the self-standing Everbright, which ships with a removable cover to allow easy access to the back for servicing.

Programmable to erase itself throughout the day. The Everbright can be programmed to automatically erase itself after an interval of inactivity that you can pre-set. Clear after 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 60 minutes.

Adjustable luminance. No need to call a technician or to power the board off completely. Use the Everbright tablet to wirelessly dim the Everbright’s luminance. You do not require a Wifi connection to accomplish this simple task.

Interactive Art for Self-Regulation

Bring the human dimension into your space. 

Where there’s a wall, there’s a way. 

Request a quote.

The Everbright is made to touch, made to order, and made for everyone. Request installation details and an all-in quote including shipping.

The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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