Everbright Giant Lite Light Brite Bright Interactive Wall Art Light LED Hero Design

Children’s & Family Area

Smartphone slayer. Meltdown mitigator. Staff liberator.

At last. A children’s & family area kids never want to leave, and staff never need to pick up.

Open-ended creativity + durability =
a space that feels fresh on day 1,825.

Children have an insatiable appetite for new things. This doesn’t mean we need to keep acquiring new things. One installation attracts and engages repeat visitors endlessly. They don’t outgrow it—they simply progress to their next developmental milestone.

Incorporating an Everbright into a children’s and family area:

  • Makes every visit feel fresh.
  • Instantly accommodates dozens, all ages.
  • Leaves staff free for other pursuits.
  • Is built to last (bring on the hordes).
  • Installs in 15 minutes. Uncrate, plug in, release the children.

See candid footage.
1. Creative outlet for big-kid energy.

Giant Light Bright

2. People attract people.

Large Scale Light Bright

3. Parallel play, without taking turns.

Get pricing.

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Understand the costs of the Everbright and other interactive feature light walls by reading
this pricing guide.

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The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

Site Design Rebecca Pollock
Branding Braid Creative
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