Everbright Giant Lite Light Brite Bright Interactive Wall Art Light LED Hero Design

For Libraries

Light up literacy for generations.

Literacy comes in many colors–foundational, mathematical, spatial, scientific, engineering, visual. Let’s illuminate them all.

Young children will never tell you when they’re ready to complete their next developmental milestone. They’ll just start doing it.

By age two, a child’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s. Before they turn three, 85% of their brain’s core structure is already formed. Now is the time to capture their attention and inspire their imaginations.

The Everbright is so much more than a giant lite-brite with no removable parts. It’s an open-ended canvas for creativity and learning. You can:

  • Develop the building blocks for early literacy.
  • Engage young learners in geometry and mathematical thinking.
  • Build spatial intelligence and logical problem-solving skills.

All while the youth librarian was helping someone else.

Some things that librarians and families love about the Everbright:

Engage learners by meeting their sensory needs. All children have sensory needs. All children need to develop skills in self-regulation. And all children want to touch and to manipulate objects. The Everbright not only facilitates this, but it’s also highly resistant to big feelings. A rugged exterior resists fingerprints and always looks polished. It can be easily wiped clean with any acrylic-safe disinfectant.

Build the foundation for early literacy. The hands, the eyes, and the brain are deeply interconnected. These connections form the building blocks for early literacy. The Everbright’s hexagonally-spaced dials have a textured feel on their edges, so even a 6-month-old can turn them. Early readers can use the Everbright to plot out the spelling of words and letters, turning the abstract concept of a letter into an embodied experience.

Integrate multigenerational families. Families divide and conquer by necessity. It’s difficult to engage a two-year-old and a ten-year-old. The Everbright rises to the challenge. While teens experiment with geometry, babies practice gross-motor connections between the hands and the eyes. These moments may be small, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important.

One canvas. Multiple developmental milestones.
 No removable parts. Click through the slide show to see how the Everbright promotes multiple literacies, from spatial intelligence to mathematics to design thinking.

Reverse-engineering a memorable visit:

A self-directed learner is a beautiful thing to see.

Talent Show at Ten O’Clock.

Everbright Giant Lite Light Brite Bright Interactive Wall Art Light LED Hero Design

Ready to make space for human development? Each Everbright is handcrafted in Sacramento, California. It’s built to last in a public space with millions of visitors a year.

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The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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