Habitats for Creativity
5 principles to design the ideal space

37 pages of scientific research.
18 case studies/candid footage.
5 principles to design for creativity.

Beliefs about who is creative,
and who gets to practice creativity,
are changing.

This white paper makes the case for designing for creativity, then presents a general framework for designing the ideal habitat. Whether building a library or a residential community, those who incorporate tactile creativity into their spaces will find they have created the ideal space for learning and engagement.

This white paper compiles research in fields from anthropology to psychology to neuroscience to explore:

  • Why creativity is trending in traditional industries like government, finance, education, and healthcare/science 
  • How to embed creativity into a physical space so you overcome obstacles like adaptation
  • The universal creativity brain sequence, according to neuroscience
  • Scaling creativity—how to expand individual creativity throughout the organization
  • Making the case for creativity in a project

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