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Create new rituals for collaboration & innovation to transform your human spaces

Studies show that people who use their hands as they think through a difficult concept come up with far more novel and appropriate ideas than people who do not use their hands.

When people take a break to engage in something that makes them more creative, they can’t wait to get back to work. 

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Here are a few things companies, their architects and designers, and their employees love about the Everbright:  

Endlessly customizable for a branded experience. The Everbright can be customized with exclusive interactions to align with your brand. Imagine a custom interaction–in your brand colors–so when a visitor turns a dial, they produce a ripple effect, or reveal an underlying pattern. Wirelessly configure your board to meet the unique requirements of your space, without requiring access to your network. Think of your Everbright as a platform of creativity whose interactions are unlimited. Dials twist to unlock ever-changing creative possibilities. 

An inclusive installation to jumpstart creative thinking, collaboration, and innovation. We know the brain finds bright colors highly engaging. We also know that manipulating an object with our hands, while looking at it with our eyes, is very engaging for the brain. Designed by a neuroscientist, the Everbright combines these stimuli into one interface, making it a satisfying counterpoint to screens and ubiquitous computer work. The Everbright is highly accessible to people with various physical limitations.

Calming multi sensory experience for anyone who needs a break. When people who are having a moment need a moment, the Everbright becomes a familiar and comforting ritual. There is something very satisfying to our hearts and minds when we can touch something and get an instant, tactile, colorful reaction. The Everbright offers a satisfying creative outlet that is both multisensory and calming, that delights without overstimulating.

Installation options for every workspace. Ideal in corporate lobbies, breakrooms, and that awkward space near the elevator where people are always checking their phones. Many installation options are available to fit your needs, from the standard, self-contained wall-mounted edition, to interconnected panels that rest within an opening created in the wall, to a self-standing Everbright that does not require a wall at all. The standard Everbright is ready to use and can be plugged in before anyone removes it from the crate. It is fully self-contained and does not require access to Wifi or any data connections.

Programmable to erase itself throughout the day. The Everbright can be programmed to automatically erase itself after an interval of inactivity that you can pre-set. Clear after 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 60 minutes. 

Let’s make art out of everyday moments at work.

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The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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