Make every visit feel fresh,
with no removable parts.

Installing an open-ended creative experience on the wall (without screens or removable parts)
is the key to a wildly popular space that mesmerizes 20+ visitors of all ages.
(See it in play.)

The Everbright is a modern re-imagining of the giant Light Bright, making creativity accessible to everyone, without removable parts.

Hundreds of unique, illuminated analog dials rotate easily through a spectrum of 158 colors.

Unlike a giant lite brite wall, where visitors must wait for pegs to become available, then carefully remove each peg of the last group’s design before they can begin, the Everbright makes creativity instantly accessible to up to 20 visitors at once.


The entire board resets after a few minutes of inactivity (or with the touch of a button).

So a baby can share the creative canvas with a group of tweens, networking toddlers, grandparents, and the parents, too.

Up to 20 visitors can play side by side. Each dial rotates through every color of the rainbow. No pegs means anyone can just walk up and start creating, without waiting or having to manually undo the last group’s design.


A Neverending Gobstopper of Open-Ended Creativity

People attract people. When people see people creating, they want to create, too.

This community of creators becomes the main attraction.

Sometimes adults don’t engage because they’re keeping tabs on a toddler, or they don’t want to keep someone else waiting. Dials remove limited time as a barrier to entry. Create for 5 seconds or five minutes. It’s satisfying either way. There’s no cost to stopping or starting.

Even if visitors were just here yesterday, they’re curious today. What else can I create? A curious + creative mindset makes the best kind of learner. Open-ended creativity induces this mindset. It’s so satisfying to just stand there, watching the colors change.

Every visit feels fresh. No one picks up pegs. If you’re here for that, we’re here for that.

Satisfying transitions between colors

It’s so satisfying to just stand there, watching the colors change. Turn the dials endlessly in either direction. Try to pinpoint the moment when red becomes orange becomes yellow becomes blue becomes purple. With more than 158 possible hues, the vibrant colors remain bright, even in spaces with abundant natural sunlight. Dials make the experience accessible to everyone. All ages, all abilities, all neural perspectives. People have a reason to create and experience a moment together, side by side.

Felted finish offers tactile, sensory delight

Activate deep learning by engaging the body—hands, eyes, and mind—in tactile, open-ended creativity.The Everbright’s dials are sized and spaced for human ergonomics. We designed the dials so they would be easy to turn, and turn smoothly, for people of all ages and abilities. They are spaced to allow enough room for fingers in-between the dials, while also allowing for maximum pixel density. We really focused on accessibility in the design, so a toddler can turn the dial as easily as an adult. The Everbright also has a non-porous, high-density, velvety texture. Its rich, black surface is moisture-resistant and UV-resistant. Unlike painted surfaces, the color doesn’t chip away. An organic dye is infused into the material itself.

Customize the experience and incorporate your branding

Bring your own color palette. Incorporate your branding and offer customized interactive experiences. Integrates beautifully with the unique look and feel of your space.The Everbright is a platform. Create a ripple effect one day. The next day, watch how gradients blend and mix to create brand-new colors. Turns twists into starbursts. Show a unique color spectrum such as pastels or autumn tones found in nature. Save designs to pick up where you left off. The Everbright resets itself throughout the day.

Engineered for durability in public spaces

All interior kinetic components have been streamlined and precisely engineered for public spaces like children’s and family areas, early childhood education, behavioral health and special needs, and STEAM spaces. A modular design means that in the uncommon event one pixel has an issue, all the other pixels are still operational. Each Everbright comes with a three-year warranty on all replaceable parts, and lifetime technical support.

Straightforward installation

It’s self-contained, straightforward to install, and ready to use as soon as you plug it in. Ease of installation was important to us, and we designed it with the average facilities person in mind. No need to bring in an electrical engineer or an IT team. Everything is designed to come on and off from the back with a screwdriver.

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The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

Site Design Rebecca Pollock
Branding Braid Creative
Site Development Alchemy + Aim