Engage all visitors
with creativity on tap.

Your visitors need a fresh experience every time.
Your staff needs an effortless solution.
(See it in play.)

Creativity solves problems.

Which problem would you like solved?


People don’t just want to sit in a library, waiting room, reception area, wellness center, lobby. 

They want an experience. 

But your staff are not cruise directors. These professionals have enough on their plates. They need jobs removed, not added.

When people aren’t engaged, they find something else to do. Two wild cards can be manageable. When ten to twenty show up, you have a problem. Staff need to intervene to do a job that’s not in their job description. Liberate staff and redirect to the Everbright. Increase retention. Improve safety. And sanity.

The Everbright is a modern reimagining of the giant light bright, with no removable parts. Ergonomic dials rotate endlessly through a spectrum of hundreds of colors. It does 8 jobs (so your staff doesn’t have to).

Imagine a children’s & family area where every visit feels as fresh as the first visit,  where STEAM skills develop naturally.

Don’t call it a meltdown (yet).

Redirect to the Everbright.

When big feelings happen to little people, redirect to the Everbright.

Stop meltdowns before they happen. Effortlessly engage all visitors, so staff can focus on higher-value work.

When your staff can’t work any harder to engage people, redirect those people to the Everbright.

Satisfying transitions between colors

There’s something very satisfying to our hearts and minds when we can touch something and get an instant, colorful reaction. Turn the dials endlessly in either direction. Try to pinpoint the moment when red becomes orange becomes yellow becomes blue becomes purple. With more than 162 possible hues, the Everbright’s color dials delight without overstimulating–even in spaces with abundant natural light.

Felted finish handcrafted by artisans

The Everbright’s dials are sized and spaced for human ergonomics. We designed the dials so they would be easy to turn, and turn smoothly, for people of all ages and abilities. They are spaced to allow enough room for fingers in-between the dials, while also allowing for maximum pixel density. We really focused on accessibility in the design, so a toddler can turn the dial as easily as an adult. The Everbright also has a non-porous, high-density, velvety texture. Its rich, black surface is moisture-resistant and UV-resistant. Unlike painted surfaces, the color doesn’t chip away. An organic dye is infused into the material itself.

Customize the experience—wirelessly

Bring your own color palette. The Everbright is a platform. Create a ripple effect one day. The next day, watch how gradients blend and mix to create brand-new colors. Turns twists into starbursts. Incorporate your brand colors, showing a unique color spectrum such as pastels or autumn tones found in nature. Save designs to pick up where you left off. The Everbright resets itself throughout the day.

Engineered for durability in public spaces

All interior kinetic components have been streamlined and precisely engineered for public spaces like children’s and family areas, early childhood education, behavioral health and special needs, and STEAM spaces. A modular design means that in the uncommon event one pixel has an issue, all the other pixels are still operational. Each Everbright comes with a three-year warranty on all replaceable parts, and lifetime technical support.

Straightforward installation

It’s self-contained, straightforward to install, and ready to use as soon as you plug it in. Ease of installation was important to us, and we designed it with the average facilities person in mind. No need to bring in an electrical engineer or an IT team. Everything is designed to come on and off from the back with a screwdriver.

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The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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Branding Braid Creative
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