About the Everbright

When you lose the kids because you got lost in the moment.


Five seconds to infinite human potential.

Children don’t mind when adults get lost. They want to get lost with us. A baby using his fat little fingers to balance, while the other hand manipulates a color dial. A 5-year-old stepping back from her geometric horse to neighhhhh triumphantly. A woman in a wheelchair creating with her hands despite limited mobility. These are moments the Everbright was designed to induce, from 9 months to 90 years old.

The Everbright is art you make art with. It’s a large-scale interactive wall with illuminated dials. Each dial rotates endlessly through a spectrum of hundreds of colors. Unlike a giant light brite with pegs and limited color selections, the Everbright has no removable parts. It can even erase itself. 

Inclusive design for all humans

“The brain does not live inside the head, even though it is its formal habitat. It reaches out to the body, and with the body it reaches out to the world.”

—Juhani Pallasmaa / The Thinking Hand

Integrating the hands and the eyes was a deliberate design decision. Turning an object with the hands, while looking at it with the eyes, is highly engaging for the brain. 

The hands and the eyes are so integrated with the mind that many scientists believe humans evolved as a result of using our hands, rather than the other way around. 

Even before an infant takes her first steps, she is touching and manipulating objects with her hands, noticing colors, and beginning to form patterns. 

Humans have deep-seated needs for creativity, collaboration, and touch. The Everbright satisfies those needs. Even those without use of their hands can turn the dials and get lost in the moment.


One small step into your new building. One giant leap into a culture of creativity.

It’s not really a new library, museum, hospital, waiting room, or headquarters. It’s a new way to influence behavior.

You could say the goal of a building is to build shared human habits. Good habits satisfy our fundamental human needs for growth and learning. The more we practice good habits, the more we want to practice them.

Every habit requires a cue—a built-in reminder to begin.

The Everbright is a visual cue for the habits and the mindsets you want people to practice and to make their own. The Everbright uniquely allows organizations to accelerate thinking and learning without introducing removable parts. 

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Satisfying transitions between colors

There’s something very satisfying to our hearts and minds when we can touch something and get an instant, colorful reaction. Turn the dials endlessly in either direction. Try to pinpoint the moment when red becomes orange becomes yellow becomes blue becomes purple. With more than 162 possible hues, the Everbright’s color dials delight without overstimulating–even in spaces with abundant natural light.

Felted finish handcrafted by artisans

The Everbright’s dials are sized and spaced for human ergonomics. We designed the dials so they would be easy to turn, and turn smoothly, for people of all ages and abilities. They are spaced to allow enough room for fingers in-between the dials, while also allowing for maximum pixel density. We really focused on accessibility in the design, so a toddler can turn the dial as easily as an adult. The Everbright also has a non-porous, high-density, velvety texture. Its rich, black surface is moisture-resistant and UV-resistant. Unlike painted surfaces, the color doesn’t chip away. An organic dye is infused into the material itself.

Customize the experience—wirelessly

Bring your own color palette. The Everbright is a platform. Create a ripple effect one day. The next day, watch how gradients blend and mix to create brand-new colors. Turns twists into starbursts. Incorporate your brand colors, showing a unique color spectrum such as pastels or autumn tones found in nature. Save designs to pick up where you left off. The Everbright resets itself throughout the day.

Engineered for durability in public spaces

All interior kinetic components have been streamlined and precisely engineered for public spaces like libraries, museums, hospitals, waiting rooms, and creative workspaces. A modular design means that in the uncommon event one pixel has an issue, all the other pixels can be incorporated into a design. Each Everbright comes with a three-year warranty on all replaceable parts, and lifetime technical support.

Straightforward installation

It’s self-contained, straightforward to install, and ready to use as soon as you plug it in. Ease of installation was important to us, and we designed it with the average facilities person in mind. No need to bring in an electrical engineer or an IT team. Everything is designed to come on and off from the back with a screwdriver.

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The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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