Mounting Height Recommendations

Mounting height is much more individualized than you might think. Below are several examples to show you what other customers have done for mounting height, and why they made that choice.

For Children and Families

After much research and field observations, our recommendations for kids is to mount the bottom of the frame 12 to 18 inches above the floor, with 12 inches being appropriate for primarily younger kids, and 18 inches to include older kids. This also allows people in wheelchairs to reach the lower row of dials, while older children will be able to reach the upper rows.

You might want to take some blue painters tape at some point and tape off the wall using the dimensions of the board to get a sense of how low or high you would like to mount it, and what feels right. For ADA compliance, you don’t want to mount it the bottom frame any higher than 27 inches.

For Adults

Unlike most artwork, the Everbright is tactile and interactive—every dial is designed to turn easily using the hands, by people of all ages, heights, and abilities. (Even those without use of their hands.) While eye level is relevant, the more critical number for the Everbright is actually shoulder height—and arm length.

The Everbright Mini and the Everbright Classic are both 47.24 inches high. Fourteen rows of dials comprise 43.52 of those inches. The average person’s shoulder height of 53.8 inches (source: will fall at almost exactly the middle of the board (8 rows up from the bottom, if the board is mounted 27 inches above the floor).

This puts half the board within their upper reach, and half the board within their lower reach, for the average person. When we keep in mind that the board is designed to be interactive—each dial is meant to be turned, and people will want to turn them—27 inches above the floor turns out to be a very good mounting height. The midpoint of the board falls at the average adult’s shoulder height.

The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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