How does this install? Does it need to connect to anything?


The Everbright ships ready to plug in and install on the wall. It uses a French cleat system, which is provided.

No external connections are required, but you will need an electrical outlet and a power switch connected to the outlet.

1. Electrical switch.

Install a separate electrical switch and ensure that the Everbright is powered off at the end of each day.

The Everbright does not ship with a power switch, so the light switch should be accessible to staff, but not obvious to the general public. (Anyone can reach up and use the function buttons to reset their design, but we don’t want people powering the Everbright off and on throughout the day.)

2. Planning your installation

Visit the Documentation page for mounting and electrical diagrams.

Planning to recess the wall? Please review the clearance requirements and ventilation considerations for your Everbright.

If you’re in construction and want to take this opportunity to dream big, you can also design an opening into the wall that the Everbright nests into, with the back completely open for rear access and easy servicing.

Three examples:

3. Crating and Shipping

Your Everbright will be carefully crated by professionals in a custom plywood shipping crate that was designed for safe transport. Your Everbright will be well-protected and carefully handled during shipping and at every step of the way, from the moment it leaves our studio.

We use a custom freight shipping agent who specializes in moving sensitive electronics and valuable artwork internationally. Once they have picked up from our studio in Sacramento, California, they will coordinate with your delivery point person and with their vetted carrier to ensure you are ready for delivery, and the process goes smoothly.

4. Delivery

The Everbright will likely be delivered with a truck with a liftgate, and inside delivery is typically included. They sometimes are limited in how far inside they can bring it, so it’s a good idea to have two dollies on hand so you do not have to uncrate it prematurely. (see below for more details)

While you are waiting for the crate to arrive, please review the installation requirements as well as this unpacking and testing guide for the Everbright Mini or for the Everbright Classic. Please confirm that there has been a switch installed that is connected to the outlet that the Everbright will be plugged into, as required in the installation requirements and guide.

The tablet and operations manual will be included inside the crate.

We do have a single dedicated agent who is on top of things. Unlike FedEx, they will not just show up, and they can deliver when you’re ready. If you ever want to know the status of this shipment, or clarify any details, you can reach our shipping agent directly by contacting My Logistics Dept. Their contact info is:

Annie Nemeth
West Sacramento, CA, USA
916.375.7125 Office
916.970.7228 Direct Line
877.653.6420 Toll Free (goes to her & to her team)

The ideal way to arrange installation is to bring the crate inside, to the exact location in front of the wall where you plan to install it. This allows you to remove the back panel of the crate and to test the board by plugging it in to confirm, immediately prior to installation, that nothing happened during shipping or delivery. In the unlikely event that anything did happen, it is relatively straightforward to resolve when the board is still in its shipping crate, as the crate keeps the unit fully upright and supported to allow for easy access to the back of the unit.

If you need to carry down any stairs, we highly recommend using heavy blankets and dollies. Wrap the board in blankets and gently, gently lift it onto the blankets and then onto the dollies. Please instruct everyone, including anyone who is on site to install, to handle the Everbright gently, as if they are handling a baby. It is rugged once permanently installed, but we want to handle it with an abundance of caution and respect, as there are sensitive wires and electronics inside. Never apply pressure to any of the dials. Always lift by the sides of the board or by the cleat. Never apply pressure to the back cover boards. Always set it down carefully and gently.

For the delivery, we recommend that you/your contractor have two dollies on hand. In case they weren’t planning to have them on site, I wanted to give you a heads up. Dollies are useful if you want the Everbright crate to be positioned directly in front of the location on the wall where you plan to mount it.

Many (if not most) delivery agents do not have dollies, and they unload with a liftgate and use a pallet jack to bring the crate to just inside the front door.

Sometimes the pallet jack will not fit through an interior door, which makes it difficult to get the Everbright’s crate positioned to the exact spot inside where you plan to install it. And sometimes the delivery person doesn’t want to risk ruining the carpet by running a pallet jack across it, so they will want to bring it just inside the door and leave.

Two dollies make this process simple and straightforward. You can have them jack up the crate while you position a dolly under each side of the crate, then you can slowly roll the crate on dollies to the exact position in front of the wall where you plan to install the Everbright. You can also lift the Everbright itself right onto two dollies and move it in that way, in the rare case that the crate doesn’t fit through the door (it’s 34″ wide so this isn’t usually an issue).

A facilities person or contractor usually has a couple of dollies on hand or that they can bring, but if no one has one, they are available at Home Depot or any hardware store. Something like these would work just fine:

The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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