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Multigenerational, multi-user design. No removable parts.

The Everbright is an evolution of the giant light brite. Mesmerizing animations evoke an interactive video wall, while the dials maintain the touchable simplicity of a clear human interaction. Unlike a giant light bright, it’s accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Its durable and modular design has been battle-tested by hundreds of thousands of ten-year-olds on field trips.

Here is what public spaces love about the Everbright:

Seed patterns designed to inspire creativity. Scientists have observed that constraints and templates allow people to produce more novel and useful ideas. The Everbright has built-in templates for creativity called “seed patterns,” in which a dynamically generated abstract animation slowly moves across the board, inspiring visitors to interrupt and make it their own.

Inclusive for all ages and abilities. The Everbright is beloved by families and is particularly suitable for children on the spectrum and those with special needs. A rugged exterior resists fingerprints and always looks polished, while it can be easily cleaned and wiped free of germs with any acrylic-safe disinfectant. Soap and water work, too.

Minimize maintenance with a durable design and no removable parts. The Everbright’s modular design limits most problems to just the affected pixel. Precision-molded components have been deployed in all the parts that matter to exhibit maintenance teams. A thick, high-quality lens and mysteriously matte surface maintain a polished look, even after years of use.

Endlessly theme-able. The Everbright can be customized with exclusive interactions. When a visitor turns a dial, they might produce a ripple effect. Or reveal an underlying pattern. One tablet lets exhibit teams rule them all (with some assistance from our developers). Wirelessly configure your board to meet the unique requirements of your space. Think of your Everbright as a platform of creativity whose interactions are unlimited. Dials twist to unlock ever-changing creative possibilities. 

Programmable to erase itself throughout the day. No need for a staff member to constantly hit the erase button. The Everbright can be programmed to automatically erase itself after an interval of inactivity that you can pre-set. Clear after 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 60 minutes.

Straightforward installation. Many options are available to fit your space, from a self-contained wall-mounted edition to a series of interconnected panels that nestle into an opening created in the wall. We can even produce a self-standing Everbright that does not require a wall at all. The standard Everbright is ready to use. Just plug it in. It is self-contained and does not require access to Wifi or data connections.

Reverse engineering a memorable visit:

The Artist Formerly Known as Dad.

“We love, love, love our Everbright. 90% of the people in our space just love to stand there watching the colors change & feeling the dials turn.”

—MY Museum in Monterey, CA

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The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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