The Everbright has a simple design. It is essentially a rectangular box mounted onto the wall.


The depth of just the board or box frame itself is 4.5 inches. The dials comprise an additional .75 inches (19 mm), for a total depth of 5.25 inches. The Everbright does not require additional depth for installation. It mounts onto the wall with a French cleat system, which is provided.


Each dial is 2.5 inches in diameter, and just the lens portion, excluding the black ring/cap, is 1.95 inches.

The dials are spaced 10.5 millimeters apart.

The dials are hexagonally packed, typically staggered on the top and bottom, and flush on the sides. This allows us to be flexible in the length of the board, so that we can produce larger, custom, integrated panels that fit together seamlessly to form one single wall.


Here are line drawings for our two most popular standard sizes:

The Everbright Classic (jpg) (~8’x4′)

The Everbright Mini (jpg) (~4.5’x4′) 


Download a cleat & power diagram:

The Everbright Classic (~8’x4′)

The Everbright Mini (~4.5’x4′) 

The Everbright Long (~8’x2.5′)


The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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