The Everbright vs. Giant Lite Brite Wall: Pros, Cons, & Recommendations

The lite brite has been turning ordinary people into wizards since 1967. Behold, 5-year-old Timothy’s staggering work of art! No need to read the instructions or wait your turn. Create whatever you want, whenever you want. Thine powers are limitless. The giant lite-brite wall lets people do this in public. …

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Fact-based research and scientific observations

Read what scientists and industry experts have to say on these emerging topics: healthcare & behavioral health, education & libraries, employee retention and innovation, and public art for public spaces

Memorable moments from the field

Visit Everbright installations worldwide. See installation photos. View footage.

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Use cases and recommendations, best practices for a successful experience. 

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Our thoughts on user experience design, inspiration, field notes, upcoming events, and unconventional topics that have captured our attention.

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