Memorable visits
for everyone.

transform your human space
with color-changing dials
& let the discoveries begin.

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The Everbright is art
you make art with.

It’s a large-scale interactive wall with illuminated dials.

Each dial rotates endlessly through a spectrum of hundreds of colors.

In a space where people would have been on their phones, they’re sharing a moment.

Unlike a giant light brite with pegs and limited color selections, the Everbright has no removable parts. It can even erase itself.

What People Love
About the Everbright

Accessible design for all humans

Satisfying transitions between colors

Felted finish handcrafted by artisans

Customize the experience—wirelessly

Modular design

More About the Everbright

Engineered for Public Spaces
& Handcrafted for All Humans 

our partners want to be unique & make an impact
& enhance the human experience in their spaces

“We love, love, love our Everbright. 90% of the people in our space just love to stand there watching the colors change & feeling the dials turn.”

—Lauren Cohen, Executive Director, MY Museum in Monterey, CA

“Parents & kids come here just to do our Everbright together. It’s even become our family selfie spot.”

—Michelle Elrod, Activities Director, Children’s Museum of Temecula

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The Everbright is designed, engineered, and individually fabricated by Hero Design LLC

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Branding Braid Creative
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